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Happy Mother's Day From Battle Red Blog

How did your mother put up with you? You're no walk on the beach, you know. Make sure to pay her the proper amount of respect and do something nice for her today. That's an order from some Texans fan site.

Right on.
Right on.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Mother's Day. I know, I way you'd forget about something that important. I'm not here to remind you; I'm here to celebrate with you.

There are so many ways to pay homage to the ladies who are responsible for putting up with our nonsense.  I naturally tilt toward music, in no small part because I can embed content within these posts without much hassle.  There are so many great songs about mothers, but I'm partial to Merle, especially after his recent passing.

Fun fact: I wanted to this to be the song I danced to with my mother at my wedding reception, but she vetoed it. To this day, I maintain that it would have been awesome.

If you are fortunate enough to have your mom around, please let her know exactly how grateful you are that for all that she's done for you and all that she continues to do. If your mom isn't with you today, tell another mother what an exceptional job she's doing.

To all the ladies in the BRB community who have dealt with birthing and/or raising a child, know that this corner of the worldwide web appreciates you performing the hardest job in the world with panache. Happy Mother's Day to you. If you're in the mood, share your favorite memories about your sainted mother in the Comments below.