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2016 Houston Texans Rookie Mini-Camp: Recapping Day Two

You don't have to attend Texans Rookie Mini-Camp to recap it. Thanks, Internet!

Rick Smith looks over his rookie class.  Uh... is that good or bad?
Rick Smith looks over his rookie class. Uh... is that good or bad?
Bob Levey/Getty Images

I have the hiccups.  A dear, sweet, close friend of mine - being helpful as he always is - sent me an article in response to my violent bout of hiccups that, in part, read thusly:

Other causes include gastrointestinal problems like obstruction or inflammation; complications of AIDS or side effects of its treatment...

Relevance?  None.  But because I care about you kind folks, I need you to know how dangerous your hiccups can be.

Smooth transition... How about a recap of the Texans' second day of rookie mini-camp!

Hopefully the brand new Texans rookie class, being that they are not from Houston, understand they better enjoy the sub-90 degree weather days while they can.  On Saturday, the rooks hit the field again in all their Bill O'Brien-indoctrinated splendor. All bein' good teammates, doing all they can to help the team and whatnot.

Here's some information from The Mothership, with no mention of deadly diseases, near as I can tell:

First, get the goods from John Harris with his always-excellent observations.  This time he's got 18 thoughts on Day 2.

Here's the Texans' rookies hopping and skipping or something.  Also, O'Brien hitting rookies with a pad.

The perfectly-healthy Drew Dougherty goes one-on-one with Braxton Miller.

RB Tyler Ervin just wants to compete and be a good teammate, man.

These rookies have to take advantage of the time they have ahead of the veterans showing up, O'Brien says.

WR Wendall Williams chimes in about mini-camp and the NFL dream - not ONE SINGLE hiccup.

Finally, early candidate to make the team as an undrafted free agent, TE Stephen Anderson speaks on the transition from California and the change to the NFL mentality.

See if you can count the "be a good teammate" references.  The indoctrination continues - which is fine by me, of course.  The players' dull interviews drive #BooHooTexansMedia crazy, but I'm good with rookies laying low.  They'll have plenty of time to eventually answer questions like "how did you feel when..." or "can you talk about when..." or "how important is it to..."

That'll do, media.  That'll do.