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Why Brock Osweiler Left Denver

Darren McKee, a Denver beat writer, delivers inside insight about why Brock Osweiler left the Broncos for the Texans on Sports Radio 610.

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Payne and Mike Meltzer are really good! Earlier this week, they had on Denver's own Darren McKee. He discussed the only thing that matters to the Houston Texans, Texans fans and the universe in general--Brock Osweiler. In this interview, McKee talks about how he wishes that Osweiler went to the White House because how often a chance like that comes around?  He also lets it be known that Brock's teammates in Denver loved Osweiler and would hand him the world if it was in their hands. McKee claims that Osweiler left because of John Elway, or more specifically, because of his Week 17 benching and the fact that the Broncos didn't offer him a contract until after Peyton Manning retired.

How is it in Denver? It's pretty good, because they won a Super Bowl, even though there's that whole "franchise quarterback" that you groomed leaving for another team thing and having to settle for Mark Sanchez.

Anyways, those are the spark notes.  If that doesn't get you to listen, I don't know what will. Below is the embedded player and here is the link. Listen to these guys in the morning. They are really good!