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Houston Texans Wrap Up OTAs Ahead Of Next Week's Mandatory Mini-Camp

The Houston Texans wrapped OTAs on Friday and are prepping for next week's mandatory mini-camp before a long break in "official" offseason activities.

Brock Osweiler at Texans OTAs
Brock Osweiler at Texans OTAs
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

First - one more time in case you missed it - Brett Kollmann's film room piece on Brock Osweiler.  Brett worked hard on this and we don't want it to get lost in the shuffle!

The Houston Texans wrapped up their 2016 OTAs Friday, with mandatory mini-camp looming next week, June 14-16.

As always, we like to point you to one of the best in the business - John Harris - for his final set of observations on OTAs over at the Mothership.

The best news to come out of OTAs, as is the best case every year, is that there were no serious injuries to anyone who figures to have a good amount of playing time in 2016.  I think we've all gotten to the point where the only real "news" that can come from OTAs, other than injuries, is feedback of any player looking terrible.  I mean, if you look great at OTAs, it means nothing.  If you look awful - thaaaaat might be a problem.

All feedback on Brock Osweiler indicates he is grasping the offense well.  I guess that counts for something?  Again, if it looked like he was utterly confused out there and just throwing the ball to linebackers out of fear and confusion (Hoyering) - we'd have a problem.  Honestly, I'd rather have an extended discussion about how Brock looked with no pads and no live defense than spend three seconds discussing whether or not he wants to go to the White House.  Oh my god, media - stop.

Since the development of the offense has basically been non-existent since Bill O'Brien took over, there are likely to be some growing pains before we see the product O'Brien eventually intends to deliver on that side of the ball.  Now that bridge quarterbacks and bad-to-mediocre veteran WRs are apparently in the rear-view, he can begin catching the offense up with the defense, with hopes the defense doesn't suffer an injury that lets its depth issues crater the season.  With the influx of new starters - including vital spots at quarterback and center - expectation of an instantly well-oiled Patriot-looking anything is premature... but the hope is that OTAs got these guys on the same page enough that their joint-practice and pre-season time together will have them starting from a point ahead of just the very basic elements.

After the three-day mandatory camp next week, it's radio silence until late July.  It would be nice if the Astros could help fill the void a little bit but, well, that doesn't seem to be going too well.

What are your general thoughts on what you've read from OTAs?  If it starts and stops with "meh" then yeah, I'm pretty much with you.  Enjoy your Saturday afternoon, your grilling, your yardwork, your mosquito dodging, etc.

Also - Netflix recommendation if you haven't already seen it - Peaky Blinders.  The setting is post WW1 England, and it centers around the rise of the (real) gang known as the Peaky Blinders.  It stars Cillian Murphy, who I think is a seriously underrated talent.  It's very British and very ethnic British, so I recommend turning on the subtitles if you haven't watched a fair amount of BBC or other British content over the years.  Season three was recently released and I am a YUUUUGE fan of the first two seasons.  All I need now is time to watch the third.