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George Godsey On Brock Osweiler: "It's Definitely Arrow Up"

The people who are actually around the Texans' new quarterback day in and day out have nothing but good things to say. Find out what Brock Osweiler is doing to earn that praise.

Not an employee of PFF.
Not an employee of PFF.
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How's about we take a break from the negative talk about Brock Osweiler? Instead, let's shift gears to see what one of Osweiler's new coaches thinks about the progress the quarterback has made since he agreed to a four-year contract with your Houston Texans. Aaron Wilson reports what Texans offensive coordinator George Godsey has to say about his new protégé:

Osweiler has impressed Texans offensive coordinator George Godsey with his work ethic, routinely arriving for work at dawn at the Texans' training facility.

"Yeah, it's definitely arrow up," Godsey said. "We've spent a lot of time together. It's a whole new vernacular. He knows he has to put the time in. Players see it, players respect it, coaches definitely respect it, too."

More from the man who's tasked with implementing Bill O'Brien's vision on offense:

"You get what you put in," Godsey said. "If you put in a lot, you're going to get a lot. From a coach to a player standpoint seeing that, it's arrow up. He's going to continue to work like that. I don't think that's phony at all. I think it's true. The players see it. That's what a leader does."

Before he was allowed to attend any organized practices, Osweiler took it upon himself to get work in with his new teammates, and the reports out of OTAs have been (unsurprisingly) positive thus far. While you wouldn't expect any member of Houston's coaching staff to be publicly critical of their franchise quarterback, especially at this early stage of the game, it's still encouraging to read about how Osweiler is getting to the office before the sun comes up and demonstrating that he recognizes the importance of putting the time in.

If Brock Osweiler fails (and it's worth re-linking to Brett's film breakdown of Osweiler here for anyone to watch who hasn't already), it doesn't sound like it'll be for any lack of desire or work. That'll have to count as a win in June.