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Houston Texans Claim Terrance Mitchell Off Waivers

Find out more about the Texans' newest defensive back on Battle Red Blog.

He's trading up in terms of Texas NFL franchises.
He's trading up in terms of Texas NFL franchises.
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Get ready for a stream of tweets...

Here's what our colleagues at Blogging The Boys had to say when the Cowboys cut Mitchell a few days ago:

Terrance Mitchell flashed some good things at the end of last season, getting one of only two interceptions by a cornerback for the entire year. But he apparently was not showing sufficient progress for the staff. There were reports of him being tried at safety. At first, this was seen as a positive for him, but that may have been a misreading of the situation.

The Texans are blessed with real depth at cornerback, and the talk of Mitchell getting some time at safety makes me wonder whether the Texans are planning on trying him there. Regardless, you can never really have enough defensive backs, and picking up a veteran who "flashed some good things" in June, particularly in the wake of a season-ending injury to another corner, is tough to get worked up about.