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2016 Houston Texans Mini-Camp: Recapping Day One

Check out who stood out when the Texans took the practice field for their first day of mini-camp in 2016.

Jaelen Strong is turning heads.
Jaelen Strong is turning heads.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Your Houston Texans started mandatory mini-camp today, which means it's time to recap what was seen and heard during and after Day One. The big story:

Naturally, people started freaking out. Did Clowney somehow get hurt AGAIN? What was he doing? Probably cliff-diving. That guy is just so irresponsible and injury-pr-...

Oh. I guess that's okay. Well, not really. Clowney's immune system is soft. He really needs to work on that, or the ridiculous calls about how he's the biggest bust in the history of football will just get louder.

Other tweets of note:

Finally, make sure to read John Harris' observations for the day. A bit to whet your appetite:

7. One aspect of Brock Osweiler’s game that’s always impressed me is his ability to drop a throw into a bucket down the field. His touch on longer throws is typically on point and he threw an absolute gem down the field early in practice. That was as good a throw as I’ve seen him make or any quarterback make on these practice fields in quite some time.

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