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Denver Broncos Fans Continue To Care About Brock Osweiler For Some Reason

Denver Broncos fans, like their General Manger, continue to complain about a bunch of offseason stuff that doesn't matter.

Brock Osweiler at Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Brock Osweiler at Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Brock Osweiler has had an interesting offseason, to say the least.  He's become a multi-millionaire and named a franchise quarterback without truly earning either (in a traditional sense).  It's simply the result of how business works in the NFL.  He's also turned down the opportunity to visit the White House in the wake of the Denver defense's Super Bowl win, and he turned down an opportunity to attend a ring ceremony.  I'm sure he and the rest of his former teammates also skipped Peyton Manning's annual offseason Scentsy party (always be selling, Peyton).

For some reason, this continues to be a story (which I understand I am perpetuating - GUILTY).  Broncos fans, inspired by Dear Leader John Elway, have continued to whine and complain about Osweiler's (lack of) offseason activities despite having the ultimate scoreboard - a Super Bowl victory.  I mean, name-calling?  Really?  This behavior is unfathomable to me.  I know this isn't representative of all Bronco fans, and in general I don't read comment sections, so I haven't read them at that link - buuuut I'm guessing ol' Brock is taking some.  Feel free to wade into those waters alone and report in the comments below, which I won't... well.

Now with Von Miller's assertion that he will not play under the franchise tag in 2016, you have to start wondering if he truly wants to be a Bronco, which of course is the kiss of death in the Elway Regime.

John Elway's logic regarding "players who want to be Broncos," and his completely unnecessary subtle (and not so subtle) shots at Osweiler are just not befitting of the guy - a TRUE NFL legend, a rare Super Bowl winner as a player and executive - his resume speaks for itself.  He's truly great at his job now, as he was as a player, and frankly I think this boo-hoo bullsh*t is beneath him.

Why exactly would Osweiler want to attend anything Bronco-related after this?  So there can be endless internet memes about how awkward it was?  So he could ensure a million more questions from Houston, Denver, and national media about the fractured relationship?  A lot of sports media in 2016 is FAR more interested in high school-level garbage like this, and they latch on to it because HITZ HITZ HITZ.  So why would Osweiler even put himself or his teammates in that position?

You can argue that Osweiler could have just handled it better and been honest - "I don't want to go to the ceremonies because it would be needlessly awkward and bring additional media distractions the team doesn't need."  I would have totally respected that - but he took the high road.  It's what pro athletes do - especially ones that are (hopeful) franchise quarterbacks.

Osweiler is so, so over the split with Denver.  Or if he's not, he isn't playing games and taking veiled shots through the media.  To be clear - it's not like I'm really "defending" Brock - the "player as a politician" act wears on me heavily.  Plus, Denver is going to have every opportunity to smash the guy when Osweiler returns to Denver in 2016 with an offensive line that I do NOT know what to make of.

I'm just saying - get over it.  You won.  You WON THE SUPER BOWL.  Remember?  The Super Bowl?  When Peyton Manning purposely used his last great career moment to sell Budweiser?  Move on, guys.