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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: 6/18/2016


DeAndre Hopkins should only wear bucket hats.
DeAndre Hopkins should only wear bucket hats.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

I have been working in an office setting for the last five months.  These are my conversations throughout the week whenever I meet eyes and get a "How's it going?" and a response during my route to the bathroom where I flex my biceps and stare into myself.

Monday: "Oh, terrible, It's Monday."

Tuesday: "I'm alright. At least it's not Monday anymore."

Wednesday: "Only two more days until Friday."

Thursday: "Tomorrow is Friday"

Friday: "I'm doing GREAT. It's Friday!"

Now it is Saturday. Which means it is time for our open thread where you can discuss whatever you want. Thank you again for making BRB the thing it is and enjoy doing whatever it is you are doing. For me, it will be watching the best team in the American league play the St. Louis Cardinals, opening up the new Chuck Klosterman book and spending time with a visiting friend. And this is time I will savor until I return back to what I've been told to be the slog of life that consists of Monday through Thursday.