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BRB's Brett Kollmann Goes On The Podcast Circuit

Your weekly Monday morning dose of Texans hype is here.

Over the last week, I had the pleasure of joining Josh Norris’ podcast on Rotoworld, as well as the Chicago Bears Review podcast, to talk a little Texans football. The overall team speed upgrade via the draft as well as the acquisition of Brock Osweiler in free agency were the main topics of discussion on each show, of course, but we also talked about the overall landscape of the AFC South, Houston’s tough Week One matchup with the Chicago Bears, and how Bill O’Brien and Adam Gase’s offenses are very similar to one another. Oh, and just for good measure I reaffirmed my rather bold prediction that Tyler Ervin will outproduce both Will Fuller and Braxton Miller combined in their rookie years. Yeah, I said it.

You can find my guest spot with Josh Norris right here on the Rotoworld podcast page.  For the Chicago Bears Review podcast, you can check out this link.