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NFL Makes Change To Practice Squad Eligibility Rules

This won't get the attention main roster rule changes might, but rest assured it's important when NFL teams are formulating their squads.

Remember Chandler Worthy?
Remember Chandler Worthy?
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Two years ago, the NFL increased the number of available roster spots on each team's practice squad from 8 to 10. This year, they've made another change, increasing the number of players who can have two accrued seasons of NFL service time.

What comprises a season of accrued service, you ask? Here's your answer:

To have an accrued season, you have to be active for at least six regular-season games. A player can also go to the practice squad with an accrued season provided they were on the 45-man active roster for less than nine-regular season games.

In short, this change means your Houston Texans can now keep double the number of more "veteran" players on their practice squad than they could a year ago.