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The Film Room: Pernell McPhee Presents Massive Challenge To Texans In Week One

It's never too early to start scouting Houston's Week One opponent.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

With the Texans just over two months away from kicking off their 2016 season against the Bears, I decided to take a look at perhaps the best player in Chicago’s resurgent defensive lineup – outside linebacker Pernell McPhee. Big, ferocious, and nearly immovable off the line of scrimmage, McPhee finally had his breakout year in 2015 after moving on from Baltimore for a starting job in the Windy City. He might not be on the same level as Von Miller or Justin Houston (yet), but teams quickly found out last year that not devoting extra attention to McPhee was a recipe for disaster (I’m looking at you, Oakland). If his tape from a season ago is any indication of what he will do in 2016, the Bears may have just found themselves one of the best edge defenders in the NFL.

Good luck, Derek Newton. You'll definitely need it.