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Sunday Night Food Thread (SNiFT): June 5, 2016

Join us for this week's Sunday Night Food Thread, a/k/a SNiFT.

Oh, wow, this is the exact same expression I make when I get my weekly meat meal.
Oh, wow, this is the exact same expression I make when I get my weekly meat meal.
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Last year when I was hippy roaming around the Mojave Desert, building check steps in the great state of Jefferson and cutting down trees at Manassas National Battlefield, my eating habits changed. As a group, we all ate and cooked together and took turns rotating from manning the camp stove to washing dishes in buckets of lukewarm water. It went well aside from people not seasoning meals because "if you do it yourself you make it taste how you like it" although that's your job when you cook. Most of the people in the group were vegetarian. Our food was stored in coolers that sat in a trailer. Because of these two things, we didn't eat meat during the work week. Then, once the ten days were up, I would make a steak and suck down some Yellow Bellies.

After a year of this, these eating habits of stuck. I'm now a vegetarian 96% of the week. I survive off spinach, greek yogurt and anything else that isn't meat or Estrofu. The other 4% of the time is when I have sex with a hamburger. Because of this, the digestive problems I had throughout my life have stopped, my weight is easier to control, the utility I gain from eating meat has tripled, and I'm a feather. Whenever the wind blows, it lifts me up, and woooooooo, I just float on forever.

Now, I'm not trying to persuade you into this sort of lifestyle. I'm not trying to make you feel like a Mandelbaum. Instead, I want to share the greatest sandwhich of all time and provide an alternate option to the banal work week lunchtime. One of the hard parts of this diet is learning how to make things you've always eaten, but missing that one crucial ingredient that our diet revolves around. For lunch, I've always had sandwiches with crappy lunch meat, mustard and pre-sliced cheese. I didn't know what else to eat for lunch.  Then I made this.

Pick whatever bread, slice a heel of cheese, cut up tomato and avocado, top it with spinach, spread hummus all over one of the slices and drown it in hot sauce. That's it. It's filling. It's delicious. It's perfect--it's really difficult to describe and write about food. This week as you head to the store and plan your weekly meals, give this a try instead of the same lunch meat and mustard.

What's cooking with you, BRB?

Consider this an open thread with all the usual rules applying.