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Wade Phillips Roasted, Praised By J.J. Watt, Gary Kubiak

Friends and current and former co-workers gathered in Port Arthur, Texas to roast former Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Friends, family, and co-workers of Wade Phillips gathered at the 13th Port Arthur News Homecoming Roast Friday night to get their digs in at the former Houston Texans defensive coordinator and interim head coach.  Among those who showed up in person to nail ol' Wade to the wall was J.J. Watt.  Video roasts were sent by Peyton Manning and Jim Nantz, among others.  Check out some of the video highlights below.

First up, J.J. Watt.  Watt does nothing to dispel the widely-accepted but never officially substantiated rumors that Wade Phillips was the guy who "fought to get Watt to Houston when some people wanted others."  Can't embed this one, so head over to Fox Sports to watch the quick clip from J.J.  Very heartfelt stuff from Watt.  You can tell he loves Wade like family.

Next, Cooper Manning and his younger brother Peyton Manning, who is unquestionably one of the greatest corporate shills of all time and is a lock to be in the Corporate Shill Hall of Fame someday.

Next up, former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, who gushes about how great Wade is but hired him in Denver after other options didn't work out:

Wade won his first Super Bowl ring last season and doesn't seem intent on getting out of the coaching game anytime soon.  Nor should he.  He and Kubiak will begin their second season in Denver together this fall under the watchful eye of John Elway, who definitely thinks Paxton Lynch is going to be great because he "really wanted to be a Bronco" and Elway has no time for anyone who does NOT want to be a Bronco, unless he would have had a few million dollars more under the cap.