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Video: DeAndre Hopkins Is A Masterful Route-Runner

Just remember one thing, Mr. Osweiler; even when Nuk is covered, he's not covered.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

YouTube content producer Black Hole Analysis has graced his subscribers with yet another breakdown on his channel, this time looking at some of the subtleties of DeAndre Hopkins’ route-running techniques. In particular, he gives us a good look at Hopkins’ notorious pushes and shoves at the top of his stems that drive defensive backs absolutely crazy, as well as showcasing Nuk's rock-solid hands in jump ball situations.

DeAndre Hopkins might not be the biggest, fastest, or most versatile receiver in the league, but he sure as hell is one of the most dangerous. After putting up a monster year in 2015 while breaking the Texans' single-season touchdown reception record, the sky is still the limit in Hopkins’ young career. If he can do what he did last season with a parade of mediocrity under center, I salivate at the thought of his production with a talent like Brock Osweiler slinging the rock.

Say it with me now, everyone...