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Brock Osweiler Continues To Impress At Houston Texans' OTAs

The Houston Texans' new quarterback is getting good reviews from a discerning eye at the team's open organized team activity sessions.

This is probably just Mark Sanchez playing a trick on us.
This is probably just Mark Sanchez playing a trick on us.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The best football analyst in our market, John Harris, has his recap and thoughts on yesterday's Houston Texans OTA session out; you can and should read it all here. Harris has gone on record with his thoughts about some of the flawed criticism about the Texans signing the free agent quarterback, so it's worth keeping an eye on what he says he sees from Brock Osweiler during practice. Fortunately, it would appear the team's biggest offseason addition is earning the benefit of the doubt or, dare I say it, optimism his signing engendered amongst the fan base. Harris writes:

3. Brock Osweiler continued to show how much more comfortable he is with this offense and leading that group on Monday. As we only see every third workout, it’s quite evident the work that he’s put in to make sure he’s on top of things. When he was decisive with his reads and made quick decisions, he got this offense flowing. He threw some darts. He threw with touch. It’s not perfect and he’ll tell you, as he did to the assembled media after practice, that there’s still a ton to work on before the season. But, the work he’s already done is paying dividends.

4. At one point during a goal line passing drill, Osweiler threw three straight touchdowns to three different pass catchers to end his reps during that drill.

Another nugget for those of us who were less than ecstatic about the Texans selecting Will Fuller in the first round...

8. There comes a point with all first year players when you can see the light start to go on. Things aren’t just a blur on a daily basis. As such, it definitely seems there’s a flicker of a light going on with Will Fuller. At Notre Dame, he made a living on deep throws and short catch and run screens. But, he’s showing much more than just that each and every day. He made an excellent catch for a touchdown in the far corner and followed that up with a catch at the back of the end zone for another touchdown on consecutive plays. Progress...that’s all you want from a rookie and he’s making it.

The always present caveat about how all of this is happening without pads and in a practice, as opposed to a game, setting applies, but I'll take the positive vibes, especially for a player who Broncos fans have deemed to be "basically the same quarterback [as Mark Sanchez] and [at] a fraction of the cost."