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Houston Texans Will Have Joint Practices With San Francisco 49ers

No official word from Houston yet, but the 49ers let the cat out of the bag today.

Bill O'Brien's nemesis...for a August...sort of.
Bill O'Brien's nemesis...for a August...sort of.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Over his first two years in charge in Houston, Bill O'Brien has shown an affinity for joint practices during training camp. In 2014, your Houston Texans had a few joint practice sessions with the the Denver Broncos. Last year, the Washington Redskins were the Texans' sparring partner (quite literally). This year, it looks like the Texans will be heading to the west coast for a few shared practices, presumably before the preseason opener against the 49ers.

Say what you will about Chip Kelly's viability as a head coach in the NFL; I imagine the players on both teams are psyched to get to hit someone who's not a teammate during the drudgery that is training camp.