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Find Out When 2016 Battle Red Day Is Here

That, plus all the other themes for the Houston Texans' regular season home games.

That's a battle red tambourine.
That's a battle red tambourine.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mr. Dunsmore had a link about this in yesterday's Newswire, but I wanted to get a separate post up about it for content search reasons. Specifically, because "When is Battle Red Day this year?" is a question that comes up more than you'd think, and a website hamfistedly referencing such an occasion should probably have that answer at the ready. Thus, I give you the 2016 home game themes for your Houston Texans.



Time (CT)


Sat., Aug. 20

New Orleans Saints

7 p.m.

State of Football presented by Verizon

Sun., Aug. 28

Arizona Cardinals

3 p.m.

Texans Care

Sun., Sept. 11

Chicago Bears


Liberty White Out presented by BHP Billiton

Sun., Sept. 18

Kansas City Chiefs


Hispanic Heritage Day

Sun., Oct. 2

Tennessee Titans


Kids Day – A Celebration of PLAY 60 presented by Texas Children’s Hospital

Sun., Oct. 16

Indianapolis Colts

7:30 p.m.

Pink Ribbon Day presented by Kroger

Sun., Oct. 30

Detroit Lions


Salute to Service presented by Bud Light

Sun., Nov. 27

San Diego Chargers


Deep Steel Sunday presented by Hyundai

Sun., Dec. 18

Jacksonville Jaguars


Battle Red Day presented by Halliburton

Sat., Dec. 24

Cincinnati Bengals

7:25 p.m.

Fan Appreciation Day presented by FOX Sports Southwest

While it would seem Battle Red Day would seamlessly lend itself to a game on Christmas Eve, the Texans always have their Fan Appreciation Day on the final home game of the season, so I understand why the Bengals won't be the recipients of a reddening. Plus, Battle Red Day against Cincinnati could be misconstrued as honoring Andy Dalton's hair which, as a fellow Katian, I would be cool with, but I recognize that others might not be.

Which of these games are you planning/hoping to attend?