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Pro Football Focus NFL Receiver Rankings: Where Are The Texans Ranked?

With DeAndre Hopkins leading a young group, where does the Houston Texans' receiver corps rank among the rest of the NFL according to Pro Football Focus?

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Jaelen Strong and DeAndre Hopkins in 2015
Jaelen Strong and DeAndre Hopkins in 2015
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

What better time than the annual Summer Abyss (post-NBA, pre-NFL) for a bevy of meaningless pre-season rankings?  Pro Football Focus knows the #ContentBattle that erupts this time of year and has prepared accordingly with yet another positional corps ranking.  This time, PFF tackles the Receiver groups for each NFL team.

After a season in which the Houston Texans could only muster the "talents" of Cecil Shorts III and Nate "Rubik's Cube Hands" Washington to complement budding megastar DeAndre Hopkins, the Texans got an injection of talent in the 2016 NFL Draft in the form of first-round pick Will Fuller and third-round pick Braxton Miller.  Add to that the "offseason emergence" (whatever the hell THAT means) of Jaelen Strong, and the Texans, at least on paper, are set to be much stronger at this position.

But among the rest of the 31 NFL teams, where does PFF place the Texans?

If you guessed 4th - seek immediate medical attention.

If you guessed 19th, congratulations - you win three boats.  Contact PFF for details.  An excerpt from the summation:

We weren't big fans of the Will Fuller pick, with the former Notre Dame wide receiver dropping 10 of the 72 catchable passes thrown his way a season ago. That being said, he is a true deep threat, racking up 708 yards and 10 touchdowns on passes thrown 20+ yards downfield last year, and won't be expected to be the No. 1 receiver in Houston. That title belongs to DeAndre Hopkins, the sixth-highest-graded receiver in 2015, and the player who racked up 1,590 yards and 11 touchdowns (postseason included).

Personally, I think this ranking is about where it should be.  That said, the number one ranked team on the list is New England... so, I guess they are also basing this on the guys throwing the ball as opposed to catching it.  Still, they're ignoring the fact that Nate Washington is now a Patriot, and HE HAS RUBIK'S CUBES FOR HANDS.

Aside from the actual topic at hand, another topic for you to kick around in the comments section... what's your projection for the Texans' WR starters in 2016 - both the wideouts and a single slot receiver?  I'd love for it to be Hopkins and Fuller on the outside with Miller in the slot, but I just feel like O'Brien won't go that young that fast.  So I'll take the safer pick and say Hopkins and Fuller on the outside with the veteran Shorts somehow sticking and starting in the slot.  I could also see an attractive outside tandem of Hopkins and Strong on the outside if Strong continues to improve the way everyone swears he has up to this point.