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Arian Foster Signs With Miami Dolphins

The greatest running back in Texans history has now officially switched places with Lamar Miller.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After bringing in former Texans running back Arian Foster for a visit a few months ago and a workout this morning, the Dolphins have decided to make it official, per Ian Rapoport.

Foster, as you all remember, sustained his season-ending Achilles injury (which doubled as his last action as a member of the Texans) last year against the Dolphins in that Week Seven blowout loss in Miami...that same blowout loss was primarily at the hands of Lamar Miller's 236 total yard, two touchdown performance for Miami. Months after Houston parted ways with Foster, Miller replaced Foster here, and now Foster replaces Miller in Miami. It's funny how the world works sometimes.

We here at BRB wish Arian the best in his new home. He's a genuinely great person, and when healthy a truly dominant three-down back. We are all lucky to have witnessed his greatness during his time in Houston.

UPDATE: More details on Foster's new contract with the Dolphins: