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Find Out Which Three Houston Texans Games Made The Cut For NFL YouTube Classics

The Texans are the youngest NFL franchise, but Houston was still presented in NFL YouTube Classics.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Earlier this year, the National Football League announced an expanded partnership with YouTube. The league would add "three of the most memorable games for each of the 32 clubs." to each team's YouTube page. The three games were voted on by each fan base on Facebook. Now it's time to find out the winners.

The Houston Texans had three games selected, but the Texans sort of had a fourth game selected -- the 2015 AFC Wild Card game between the Chiefs and Texans (insert Jordan Crying face). The games selected for the Texans that are more likely to bring happy memories for Houston fans were:

2002 Week #1 -- Texans vs. Cowboys (48%)

Texans win first game as expansion team.

2011 Week #18 -- Texans vs. Bengals (32%)

Texans win first ever playoff game, beating Bengals 31-10. J.J. Watt has INT return for TD

2012 Week #11 -- Texans vs. Jaguars (13%)

Texans defeat the Jaguars 43-37 in OT behind Matt Schaub'€™s 527 passing yards, 2nd most in NFL history.

All three games are fine choices. The win over the Cowboys is an obvious slam-dunk addition. The win over the Bengals is also great, with the first playoff win and the legend of J.J. Watt beginning.

It's also good to see Matt Schaub get some respect with the third game.  People forget how solid Schaub was here because of the disaster that was his 2013 season.

In terms of other possibilities, I could have easily gone with the 2003 game between the Texans and Jaguars, in which David Carr dove over the goal line on the final play of the game to win it. But that may be more a great play than a great game. I wouldn't overlook the comeback win over the Chargers in Week One of the 2013 season. The 2012 Thanksgiving game against the Lions was a thriller. And what about the 43-13 stomping of the Ravens on Sunday Night Football in 2012?

Did the fans get it right? If not, what game would you have swapped out and with what game?

The YouTube games will be uploaded for all 32 NFL teams in August. Maybe BRB will have to do a commentary track.