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Football Outsiders Reveals Houston Texans' "Sneaky Strength" On Defense

Even the most seasoned Texans fan might be surprised by these findings.

Less blitzing, but more success.
Less blitzing, but more success.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With training camp on the horizon, Football Outsiders examined the data and found one aspect of each NFL defense that was a profound strength for every team in 2015. Here's what they found for your Houston Texans:

Houston Texans

The Texans sent a big blitz of six or more pass-rushers half as often as they did in 2014, but these plays were hugely successful for Houston, allowing just 2.8 yards per pass. The Texans were by far the league's best defense using dime personnel (six defensive backs), which it did 30 percent of the time. They allowed a league-low 4.3 yards per play and had an NFL-best -33.5 percent DVOA in dime.

Watching the games last year, did you notice that the Texans brought the house far less often than they did in Bill O'Brien's first year in Houston? Further, although we all knew Houston's secondary was very good, did you know they were better with that enhanced secondary than other team in the league?