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Houston Texans Training Camp Open Practice Tickets Sell Out In Three Minutes

Texans fans gobble up available training camp tickets ahead of the 2016 NFL season.

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

News of tickets being sold out quick is nothing new. A Beyonce concert in Houston will sell out in a blink of an eye. Imagine the rush if George Straight came back to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo? But Texans fans outdid themselves today when five of the six (the sixth practice, Youth Day, has tickets available only at certain Academy locations) training camp open practices tickets became available online this morning. The tickets sold out in three minutes. THREE!

Yes, the tickets were free, but that is still impressive. Here are the dates for the open practices if you're wondering what could have been, or if you're still trying to acquire some from someone who's willing to part with them.

If any of you out there got some, or are willing to part with some, by all means discuss in the Comments below.