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SITE NEWS: New BRB Staff Member Rumoured To Enjoy Fish, Chips, Spice Girls

BRB goes international as it adds a writer to the staff from across the pond.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ed. Note: We told you we were looking for new voices to add to the screamin' room here at BRB, and we'll be unveiling them one by one over the next few weeks.  Consider this Part I in the series.

Hey there, my name’s David (a/k/a BattleRedCoat) and I’ll be one of the new contributors here on BRB!

As my username alludes to, I’m from the UK. The perfect blend of English and Scottish, I've somehow managed to get into football and have been hooked ever since.

I started watching football in 2010 but never really followed a team until the 2012/13 playoffs when I fell in love with the Texans after they beat the Bengals for the second year in a row. That offseason, I learned everything about the Texans and got hyped for the season ahead, but I’m doing my best to forget that 2013 ever really happened. Since then, I’ve been football mad and have been a contributor over on the Reddit sub for a while now, writing some pieces here and there and generally trying to get involved in discussing as much football as humanly possible, including the usual Fantasy Football.

Naturally as an Englishman, I love soccer (as well as tea). If you’ve ever heard of my mighty Colchester United, I’ll be amazed; they’re three divisions below the Premier League.  As well as them, I have been trying to keep up with Houston sports in general; however, you’ll have to forgive the fact I know next to nothing about American sports outside of football and soccer.

Outside of sport, I’m currently a student at University training to be a Physiotherapist, or Physical Therapist as you might call it, aiming to be involved with a sports team in the not too distant future. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to make the trip across the pond for a job on the sidelines in the NFL.

That’s me in a couple hundred words, I’m sure you’ll get to know me as time goes on. I look forward to getting more in to the discussion over here and getting to know the community!