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BRB On the Radio: Football Mecca Podcast

BRB's Matt Weston stopped by the Football Mecca Podcast to about some good ol' Houston Texans footbaw.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Can you feel that? Football season is approaching and with it comes season previews. And with season previews come podcasts. And with podcasts comes a desire for your Battle Red experts to enlighten the world's minds with Houston Texans knowledge.

In this edition, I joined Matt Danely of Inside the Pylon, QB Mecca and the Football Mecca podcast to discuss your Houston Texans. In the show, I reviewed the free agent departures, how Houston used the money to sign free agents to grab a quarterback and speed, gave my thoughts on the 2016 NFL Draft, and some early thoughts on what their record may be come January.

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