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Sunday Night Food Thread (SNiFT): July 24, 2016

It's Sunday night, so that must mean it's time for this week's entry of SNIFT. Take off those pants and join in the conversation.

bfd + dim sum = love4ever.
bfd + dim sum = love4ever.

Miss me?  Oh my, of course you did.  It's all OK now, little buckies.

I visited a friend (who may chime in if they wish) in Hong Kong for 10 days, which is a big reason for my absence.  It was an amazing trip thanks in large part to a wonderful and generous host, who allowed my beautiful corpse to stay at his place for the duration.

One of the best parts of the trip, of course, was the food.  I adore Far East cuisine, and Hong Kong with its primary Cantonese style did not disappoint.  The main picture above is from one of our dim sum outings, of which we did a couple.  In addition to dim sum, we visited the Wooloomooloo Steak House, which was solid and had outstanding views.  There was a small restaurant in Shek O called Tong Kee Store, which had the best drink I've ever had the pleasure of consuming.  It was a peach and coconut blend with jellied coconut also in the glass.  Simply amazing, especially after the five mile hike we did to get there.  Oh, and there was the Belgian place with the Nepalese server, which was cool.

Being me, of course I was going to make this trip about food, right?  I was pretty fearless about just walking into random restaurants, in large part because of my host, but also because of an app called OpenRice, which was clutch.

So, BRB, what trips have you taken where you were blown away by the food?  Foreign, domestic, it doesn't matter, just drop your comments below.

Also, since this is MY SNiFT thread, also drop your trousers as this is a pants-free thread.  Normal open thread rules apply, so please be kind to each other because I'll pull this blog over right now.