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J.J. Watt Thanks Fans, Promises He'll "Be Back Soon"

Our favorite defensive end promises a quick recovery in a note to fans. Will he be able to deliver? Stay tuned.

When he gets back on the field, he gon' be maaaaaaaaad.
When he gets back on the field, he gon' be maaaaaaaaad.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

By now, everyone knows that J.J. Watt underwent surgery on his back and opinions on recovery time range from "he'll be ready for the season" to people gathering to mourn the end of Watt's career.*

The doctors who performed the procedure have instructed Watt to "take it easy" which, given what we've seen about Watt's workout/training regimen, is like ordering a shark to stop eating, swimming, and terrorizing beachgoers in small Massachusetts towns.

But there is a side benefit for us.  The down time has given Watt a chance to reflect.

In that spirit, Watt posted this picture on his Twitter feed yesterday wherein he thanked us, Houston Texans fans, who "make [his] job possible."

I have little doubt that right now, as I write this and as you read this, Mike Florio is writing a post on his precious little site that will spin this gesture as something petty and selfish because Florio is nothing but professional.  I should also add that sarcasm font does not work in a post, so picture the sarcasm font in your mind.

* = Might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point