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Traitor Spotted At Traitors' Facility Doing Traitorous And Treasonous Things

All I can say is "ick," Andre Johnson.

WHY?!  In the name of everything good and decent or even less than decent, WHY?!
WHY?! In the name of everything good and decent or even less than decent, WHY?!
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports remember last year when, after he was cut by the Texans, news broke that Andre Johnson signed with the Colts, along with Frank Gore and a couple of other players to build the best team 2007 has ever seen?

Remember when he went there because he thought it was the best chance for him to win a Super Bowl?

Only to find himself unceremoniously released by those Colts after a disastrous campaign in Indiana?

Remember thinking that Dre signing with the Colts was the worst thing any of us could have imagined for the once-revered Texans wide receiver?

Oh, how delightfully naive we were in those halcyon days.

It could be about to get so very much worse.

How?  Because Andre Johnson, the GOAT, was spotted

I can't even bring myself to say it, so I'll let John McClain say it for me.

Sure, Andre isn't what he used to be and his potential contribution to the thermonuclear garbage fire that is the Tennessee Titans Traitors will likely be negligible, but this is no time for rational thought!

Andre Johnson as a BE-SF?  The very idea of it makes my head want to fall apart like a chocolate orange.

Granted, I didn't like the idea of Andre in Indy, but he was chasing a Super Bowl championship, so I at least understood that.

Going to the Flaming Thumbtacks, though?  Is retirement really that horrifying an option that Andre Johnson is willing to subject himself to being a part of...of...whatever the hell they're trying to do in Tennessee?

I can't even.  So I'll let you do it.  Cast your vitriol in the comments section below.

I'll be in the shower.

UPDATE: It happened. It actually happened.