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Benjamin Allbright On SportsRadio 610: Brock Osweiler Didn't Leave Denver Broncos Over Money

CBS Sports writer Benjamin Allbright joined Sports Radio 610's morning show to discuss Brock Osweiler's departure from Denver and gave a few new detail tidbits about his time in Denver and his change to being "The Guy" in Houston.

Brock Osweiler after the Broncos' Super Bowl victory
Brock Osweiler after the Broncos' Super Bowl victory
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

By now we've heard many tales of how Brock Osweiler came to be the hopeful Franchise QB of the Houston Texans.  CBS Sports' Benjamin Allbright caught up with friends-of-BRB Mike Meltser and Seth Payne on SportsRadio 610's Mad Radio on Tuesday to discuss Osweiler, and provide a couple of new tidbits.

Previously the two most oft-discussed "theories" about Osweiler's unexpected departure from Denver were:

1 - Denver wouldn't budge on a number they had in mind.  Once that happened, John Elway doubled-down and publicly cried about how, I guess, that because Brock wasn't getting what he felt the market eventually justified, Brock "didn't want to be a Bronco."

2 - Brock had some anger or hurt feelings about being yanked late in the year in favor of Phony Corporate Shill when he felt like he had done his job.

Allbright's appearance on the show seems to support Theory No. 2, that Brock was upset from being pulled in the game against San Diego when a couple of turnovers happened that were not entirely Brock's fault.  I get Brock's complaint here, but I also understand Gary Kubiak just wanting to give the team a bit of an energy injection by trotting out Product Placement Hall of Famer Phony Corporate Shill to see if the whole team would respond.  Phony Corporate Shill did come in and "Aw, Shucks" his way to a victory, and of course we all know what happened next.  The Broncos won the Super Bowl and Phony Corporate Shill used the last great moment of his great career to make sure he got in multiple product placements for Budweiser.

There are a couple of other interesting tidbits in the segment regarding Brock's connection to Elway's son (which I had no clue about) and how it's a total misnomer that the Broncos were not willing to pay Brock what Houston eventually did.  Listen for yourself here.