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SITE NEWS: BRB Continues To Outsource Writing Jobs, Doing Its Part To Damage U.S. Economy

BRB bolsters its crew of international talent by adding someone who's actually a part of the European Union.

Rick Smith, pictured here attempting to explain BRB's new ''exporting jobs to foreign countries'' initiative.
Rick Smith, pictured here attempting to explain BRB's new ''exporting jobs to foreign countries'' initiative.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Ed. Note: We told you we were looking for new voices to add to the screamin' room here at BRB, and we'll be unveiling them one by one over the next few weeks.  Consider this Part III in the series.


I've been told to introduce myself to you all, in a sort of formal way, as the newest in a long line of wonderful talent that has graced this site's masthead. The idea here is you sort of get an idea of who I am, what I’m about, what about the Texans I like, and what I hope to bring to this site. In essence, it's a first impression. The problem here is that I've been around these parts awhile now. Most of ya'll know me, or at least have argued with me on possibly more than one occasion in the comments below. There's a chance most of you have formed somewhat of an opinion on me,  hich kind of negates this whole "First Impressions" shenanigan.

To those of who do not know me and my god awful memes, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Luke. I'm a student from Ireland who's studying various sociological and cultural impacts of various artistic and ideological events within the world. Sounds high falutin', I know.  Quite frankly ,if I was honest, my education has not only informed most of my outlook on the world, but it's also given me the means to attempt to convince the world that I’m smarter than I are. Along with these studies, I also did a year studying journalism at what you might term a junior college before moving on to my current course.

That's my background, but it does not explain why I'm now writing for a Texans blog. Well, growing up, I was a sports-crazed lunatic. Fun Fact:  Growing up in my house, we didn't really have any particular books that I liked to read, so instead I got a hold of an atlas, which at the back had the listings of every country in the world--their flags, capitals, population and land mass. I loved that atlas. So much so that as a byproduct, I still know most the capital cities for most of the world, which even as I’m typing this is making me cringe. Why is this important? Well, after the atlas, I moved on to sports. Sports in general became my fascination, and with it came the eventual osmosis of knowledge. Not the general, handy-in-all-situations knowledge, but the obscure, really weird knowledge if you told to someone at a party, they would probably go, ''Huh, the more you know, I guess?''. Combine this with a general curiosity towards various sports and you end up with me. I bounced from snooker (like a fancier version of pool) to tennis to badminton to golf to even the least athletic sport on the planet, darts (every darts match starts like this).

I didn't discover football until late in my teens, and that was through proxies of watching a lot of baseball and hockey. The thing about football is that it's everywhere. Even in other sports, it's prominent and talked about. You sit down to watch the Brewers play, and you end up listening to an hour and a half spiel about the Packers' QB battle.  When you hear something being talked about as much as football was, I was interested to see what all the fuss was about.  That lead to me getting into football. As for why I gravitated towards the Texans, I’d love to give a personal and fun story about how I came to like this team more than any other, but the simple fact is there isn't one. The only things I have are the memories of that one game the Texans played against the Colts back in 2008 or so where Joseph Addai scored a touchdown against Houston and the fact I liked the colour of the jerseys that the Texans were wearing. That's the honest truth. My fandom is based solely off of my own colour palette and my fondness for the underdog.

I've always viewed picking a team like picking a dog. You pick the one you think looks the best and hope everything turns out okay. Much like the way owning a dog usually leads to you forming an emotional attachment, you become influenced by its sole existence. You care about it.  You look after it.  You want it to do well, and when it doesn't, tt makes you feel sad.  When it does do well, you feel better about it. Perhaps no better inclination of my relationship with the Texans is that it can still elicit strong enough emotions out of me to single-handedly impact my mood for the rest of the day. Any given Sunday, the Texans can disappoint me in shocking and astounding ways, ruining that day for me.  They can just as easily perform feats once thought improbable and make my day.

As for what I’ll bring to BRB, I'm honestly not sure.  I just hope that whatever I do write, you guys will enjoy reading it, I’ll enjoy writing it, and we can hopefully enjoy a successful Texans season punctuated with endless laughter at the expense of a terrible Colts team.