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Houston Texans News: Rick Smith Receives Contract Extension Through 2020

The general manager of the Houston Texans just had a few years tacked onto his existing contract. Texans fans react to the news on Battle Red Blog.

New York Jets v Houston Texans
Rick Smith drafted Beercan in the 5th round.
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Texans owner Bob McNair has put his money where his mouth is and extended the contract of General Manager Rick Smith through 2020.

The Houston Chronicle's John McClain was able to get the following additional comments from Mr. McNair himself.

"Rick's doing a good job for us, and I think stability in the organization is important," owner Bob McNair said. "He works hard. He's very diligent. He communicates well. He knows what our objectives are.

"Rick has put together a good scouting staff, and he works well with the coaching staff. I thought this was a good time to get this done."

While Smith has his detractors, the team has had some of their brightest (and darkest) moments under his watch. From drafting the likes of J.J. Watt, DeAndre Hopkins and Whitney Mercilus in the first round to making the playoffs three times, Smith has his share of feathers in his cap.

He also presided over the traumatic 2013 season and last year’s playoff debacle. Nevertheless, in a league where top tier talent is in short supply, McNair is standing by his man, come what may.