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BRB On The Radio: Battle Red Blog Helps Open SB Nation Radio In Houston

Your friendly neighborhood Houston Texans fan site will be making an appearance on the newly formed SB Nation Radio.

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation and Vox Media have joined forces with Gow Media to create SB Nation Radio. Per Bloomberg Technology:

The new SB Nation Radio will create audio programming that will be available at and go out to 500 terrestrial and satellite stations affiliated with Gow, the companies said Monday in a statement. Content also will be carried on Sirius XM Holdings Inc. and other platforms, they said.

As part of the introduction, Battle Red Blog writer and Crawfish Boxes managing editor Ryan Dunsmore will be in studio with SB Nation Radio 1560 AM here in Houston to talk about Houston sports this afternoon. We'll more than likely talk about J.J. Watt , Brock Osweiler, and the Texans starting training camp. The chat may also turn to the MLB trade deadline, which ends today.

You can listen live to the show at SB Nation Radio and live here. Ryan is expected on around 3 p.m. CDT.