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Colin Cowherd Displays Brian Hoyerish Inconsistency In His Analysis Of Brock Osweiler

If there's a worse inconsistency than that of the Bears' backup QB, I don't want to know what it is.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports analyst and host of "The Herd," Colin Cowherd, recently gave four reasons why Brock Osweiler won't work with the Texans.  The link to that entire clip is here.  Forgive me for not knowing when this actually took place.

I don't follow his show due to my allergies to bad sports commentary, but thanks to the BRB followers who brought this to my attention.  They knew that I would address this piece of ridiculous commentary from an analyst who sounds like a faulty airhorn wrapped in human skin.

In his latest mindless and obviously attention-seeking rant, Cowherd said these were the reasons that Brock won't succeed with the Texans.

1.  Brock Osweiler is not a dynamic athlete.

2.  Brock Osweiler had very limited starts in college and the NFL.

3.  John Elway wasn't interested.

4.  Brock Osweiler has shown questionable decision-making as a quarterback.

Thanks to the power of social media archives, we are now going to revisit Colin's prior comments about Osweiler.

As recently as November 2015, Cowherd stated that Osweiler was "tremendous late in games."  He also said that Brock was "mobile" while comparing him to Peyton Manning.  Cowherd also called Osweiler a "smart player" who beat one of the top defenses and the best coach in the league in terrible weather (the Patriots and Bill Belichick).

In March 2016, while discussing Osweiler with Joel Klatt, Cowherd opined that "Brock was 5-2 with Denver but was inches away from being 3-4".

When discussing Brock's departure, Colin first stated that "Brock Osweiler left because he was angry," yet now Cowherd claims that Elway wasn't interested in retaining Osweiler.

Which one is it? Is Osweiler "tremendous late" in games, or is he terrible? Is Osweiler mobile or "not a dynamic athlete"? Is the reason for Osweiler's departure from Denver his anger at Elway, or did Elway let Osweiler walk because he (Elway) just wasn't a believer in Osweiler?

Cowherd's accuracy and consistency in analyzing players is reminiscent of Brian Hoyer's poise under duress. He's all over the place.  Similar to Hoyer in the playoffs, Cowherd has absolutely no points.

Perhaps if Colin actually covered games instead of spending his days gazing into the eyes of Nick Wright, he would be able to make some meaningful observations.