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2016 NFL Preseason Games Live: Saturday Edition

The third day of preseason games kicks off today. Come join BRB for all the action.

The first overall pick, Jared Goff, will also be in action for the Rams tonight.
The first overall pick, Jared Goff, will also be in action for the Rams tonight.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While tonight's slate of games might not be as multiple as previous nights, it does not mean that they won't be good (or as good as preseason football can be). The four games we have on tap tonight are:

  • Seattle Seahawks vs Kansas City Chiefs (3:30pm CT)
  • Indianapolis vs Buffalo Bills (6:00pm CT)
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams (7:00pm CT)
  • San Diego Chargers vs Tennessee Titans (7:00pm CT)

What To Watch For:

Football! In Los Angeles! Someone finally took the disingenuous threats to move a team to L.A. and went through with it. It's exciting, exciting times. Just look at how pumped Jeff Fisher is:

Can you feel the enthusiasm?!? You know when Jeff Fisher says stuff like that it's like an ironclad bond. I mean, look at his record the last six years:

See? Jeff Fisher's word is as consistent as his remarkably average record. Due to the fact the Rams don't have a stadium built yet, they're planning on playing their games in the Los Angeles Coliseum this season. This essentially means that there will be two teams playing there this year that will be subject to teams from the Pacific Northwest.

Speaking of the Seahawks, they take on the Chiefs in a battle of the loudest fans in the NFL(in stadiums which amplify noise.) What's the offseason been like for these two teams? Well, Seattle finally found out that stud running back Marshawn Lynch will not return for the coming season. Meanwhile, Chiefs tight end and scourge of the Texans, Travis Kelce, has also been busy, signing a five year, $46 million ($20 million guaranteed) contract. He then decided to celebrate by starring in his own version of The Bachelor called ''Catching Kelce''.

Elsewhere, Andre Johnson continues his tour of the AFC South by starting for the Titans against the Chargers. Even typing that last sentence feels alien and weird.

Finally, we have the match-up of the two teams who just this summer gave new deals to their starting QBs. The Colts did the unusually smart thing and extended Andrew Luck for five years, $120 million (paying him $75 million over the first three years). The Bills took a moment away from slamming each other through tables to give a brand spanking new 6 year, $92 Million extension to QB Tyrod Taylor (the deal has the potential to rise to $112 million).

That's all to look out for today. As usual, the comments are all yours to talk about all the interesting events that occur during today's games.

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