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Sunday Night Food Thread (SNiFT): 14th August, 2016

The most important part of your Sunday night is here. It's time to discuss food with your fellow Texans.

Betting Texas would be better.
Betting Texas would be better.
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This is my first time writing SNiFT.  Previously I've just spent my time reading the comments jealous of all the amazing food that the US has to offer, especially in Texas. I don't think anywhere in the UK comes anywhere close to it. Even though I live in the home of the "Aberdeen Angus," supposedly one of the best breeds for beef in the world, not many places do a great steak or burger like you guys do. It makes me even sadder that as a student I'm still too poor to afford a trip to Houston for a game.

This past week, I took a trip to London and did the standard tourist stuff with the other half, as well as some good food. We stumbled upon one of the few Five Guys in the UK, and I have to say it was one of the best burgers I've had. I had lived my fast food life consuming double cheeseburger after double cheeseburger from McDonald's, thinking it was alright. After Five Guys, McDonald's looks cheap and awful.

We rounded the day off with the most expensive meal I've ever had at Goodman in London. I would have taken a photo of it, but I didn't chance it with a strict "no phones at the table rule" that the other half enforces. If there was anything that might come close to a steak over with you guys, this might have been it. It was absolutely amazing, better cooked than anything I'd ever seen and a perfectly lean cut. Was £100 (or $130) a bit much for me on my student budget? Probably, but for the one off experience and the added inflated London price, it was well worth it.

So BRB, when I make my trip over to Houston (in however many years that may be), where are your suggestions for places that will blow my mind? Fast food, steak, or BBQ, what culinary experiences do I need to have? And where does Five Guys rank on your list of burger places?