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2016 NFL Preseason Live: Houston Texans v. San Francisco 49ers (Second Quarter)

Keep up with the conversation as we move into the second quarter of the Texans' first preseason game.

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

We head into the second quarter with the Texans down 10-7.

In the first:

- Tyler Ervin almost fumbled his first punt return and gave me a mild heart attack. Ugh, special teams.

- The Texans' defense continues to be my favorite thing on the planet with a scoop & score. I've missed that.

- Ouch, Brock Osweiler sacked. The offensive line hasn't been awful, but you can tell that they're missing Duane Brown, Derek Newton, and Nick Martin.

- Hopefully the second quarter offers a better look at the offense (a/k/a hopefully they can stay on the field).

This is your second quarter open thread. You can share all of your comments, thoughts, and opinions about the Texans, the game, (or the 49ers, if you must) in the comments section below.

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