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2016 NFL Preseason Live: Houston Texans v. San Francisco 49ers (Fourth Quarter)

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The closing quarter comes and the Texans are leading the 49ers.. Finish up the football watchin' here.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Third Quarter Thoughts:

-So between Wendell Williams and Tyler Ervin earlier, the Texans have this special teams thing down cold.

-Hey, lookie there!  A third down conversion!

-Well hello, Braxton Miller.

-Remember when we'd all cringe when the Texans were faced with a field goal try from anywhere more than six yards away?  Alphabet Fairbairn is not going to make us feel that way, methinks, not after connecting on a 45 yard field goal.

-Stephen Anderson with a touchdown?  Wait, he's a tight end?  That's allowed?!

-Tom Savage is looking pretty good in spots, so much so that the Santa Clara broadcasters are even singing his praises.

Will the Texans continue this trend and win the day?  Will Santa Clara ever fix their field? Who put the bop in the bop-sh-bop-sh-bop?  All will be revealed in the fourth quarter.

Enter now...if you dare.

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