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2016 Houston Texans Preseason Final Score/Recap: Texans 24, 49ers 13

We are happy to bring you your first Houston Texans victory of the season!

Osweiler at the helm.
Osweiler at the helm.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score: 24-13.

I know, I know, it's just a preseason game. But I am still reeling from the happiness that comes from Texans football finally gracing my television screen again. Following a short game recap, we can continue the live thread discussions in the comments section below.

Let's talk about the tough parts first. The special teams was very nearly a huge disaster (per usual). Tyler Ervin almost fumbled his first punt return, Wendell Williams DID fumble a punt return (the Texans just managed to recover it), and Houston's special teams continues to be responsible for at least 20% of my daily stress.

In the first half, the defense looked lost and messy, leaving holes on the field, struggling with tackles, and failing to stop the run. Playing without Brian Cushing and Jadeveon Clowney (again) is hard to watch, but the absence of J.J. Watt is just downright depressing.

All eyes were on new QB Brock Osweiler (4-of-7 for 27 yards), who played only three series and was under significant pressure pretty much the whole time. He was missing the bulk of his starting offensive line, with Duane Brown, Derek Newton, and Nick Martin all sidelined. The offense struggled to stay on the field in the first half long enough to give us a good look at the starters, which was disappointing for all of us.

On a brighter note, Lamar Miller looked explosive, despite only playing a handful of snaps. I'm really looking forward to watching him break loose and run people over sometime soon. Fellow RB Akeem Hunt also flashed playmaking abilities, including a TD catch in the fourth quarter.

Tom Savage is visibly better and gives me a lot of hope in the backup QB role. He has been steadily improving and tonight he was 14-of-24 for 168 yards, two TDs, and no turnovers. Jaelen Strong and Braxton Miller both had some nice catches, and my favorite TE candidate for Houston, UDFA Stephen Anderson, hauled in a touchdown in the third quarter (you are all welcome to hop on the Anderson hype-train with me).

A win is a win, even in the preseason, so let's enjoy it! You can continue the live thread discussion in the comments section below.

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