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We're A Survivor: Announcing The 2016 BRB NFL Survivor League

We're getting the old league together again.

This changes everything, hopefully.
This changes everything, hopefully.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Here at BRB, we don't just obsess over Texans football. Nah, most of us are Texans (by birth or migration), and football is the lifeblood of our state. It's not enough to pay attention to what the Texans do each gameday, so we like to play fantasy football, too. TexansTakeaway has posted information about how to join the BRB Fantasy Football league, but there were comments about how Pick 'Em and Survivor need to be re-created, as well, so here's your announcement for BRB's 2016 Survival League.

Last season, we had two members who won the right to give our resident fat panda bear a sponge bath. Which member (or members) will be seeking counseling to deal with their emotional scars at the end of this season? Well, that depends on who survives.

To join the BRB 2016 Survival League, you'll need a Yahoo ID. Then just click here and join the private group. Our Group ID number is 4632 and the password is w1z@rdofos. The league starts Week 1 and continues through the playoffs. Like last season, you have three strikes before you're eliminated, and the deadline to submit picks is 5 minutes before the first game of the week (so Thursday afternoon most weeks). Anyone is free to join, even non-Texans fans.

So that we get an idea of whom we're competing against, please post your PickSet name in the Comments below. I'll go ahead and announce that, in honor of Brock Osweiler,  I'm "We Have a QB?!?!?!"

If there are any questions, feel free to contact me here or at my email address.