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Pick The Winners: The 2016 BRB NFL Pick 'Em League Is Back

We've announced the fantasy and survival leagues already. Now we're announcing the pick 'em for the season.

Here's to seeing a lot of this during the season.
Here's to seeing a lot of this during the season.
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we announced that BRB is going to run a fantasy football league again for Texans fanatics.  Earlier today, we announced the survival league is re-forming. Now we're here to say that we're also doing a pick 'em challenge for the 2016 season.

Joining the BRB 2016 Pick 'Em is easy. You'll need a Yahoo ID, then just go to this link and join the private group. The Group ID number is 10614, and the password is Nukc@ughtit!.

To head off any confusion, here's a few notes about how the Pick 'Em is going to work this season.

We're going to use confidence points, the spread, and drop a score. Last season, we didn't use confidence points, but here's a little explanation about how they work:

Confidence Points are used to give a different weight to each game in a given week. You'll assign a point value (from 1 to 16 if there are 16 games, 1 to 14 if there are 14 games, etc. during the regular season) to each game based on how strongly you feel about the accuracy of your selection. If your selection is correct, you'll receive points equal to the confidence-point value you associated with that game.

For more information about how confidence points work, please read this and keep it handy throughout the season.

We did use the spread last season, but there were still some questions by participants deep into the season, so here's a little bit about how picking against a spread works:

A point spread is the predicted scoring difference between a game's two opponents. If you choose the team that's favored, they have to win by more than the spread number in order for you to get credit for a correct pick. If you choose the underdog team, they must lose by less than the spread number (or win outright) in order for you to get credit for the correct pick.

For information about how to pick against the spread, read this and keep it close when you're making your selections.

Please, please, please note that:

In weeks with Wednesday games, Wednesday's line will be the official spread for all games. For all other weeks (including those with Thursday games), the official spread will be Thursday's line.

Another change is that this season, we're going to drop each participant's lowest scoring week.

As with last season, the league starts Week 1 and continues through the playoffs. Picks are due 5 minutes before each game kicks off. That means that most weeks, you'll need to log in to your account on Thursday evening to make a selection.

As always, this is open to non-Texans fans, too. Please post your PickSet name in the Comments so we know who we're battlefightin' each week. I'm "We Have a QB?!?!?!"

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask here or email me.