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Houston Texans Step In As John McClain Attacks Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney may be under scrutiny, but that doesn't mean you can attack a Texan and expect them to lie down and take it

Clowney making one of his limited appearances at practice
Clowney making one of his limited appearances at practice
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

John McClain is a divisive personality, and he certainly hasn't covered himself in glory here. He's been vocal in his discontent with the situation surrounding Jadeveon Clowney's absence from the first preseason game due to injury, and after Clowney refused to be interviewed after training camp practice yesterday, McClain didn't hold back.

However, unfortunately for McClain, Clowney's teammates saw that tweet.  They weren't happy about it.  Superstar DeAndre Hopkins and veterans Cecil Shorts III and Duane Brown stepped in to voice their displeasure with McClain..

John McClain getting his just desserts (as if he needed any more dessert) is great viewing, I can't stand the man myself.

John McClain then promptly backtracked on his comments about Clowney.

I expect we haven't heard the end of this, with probably more players refusing to answer his questions in future due to this outburst. Hopefully they all pull an Arian Foster and give him standard responses to any question he asks. Wouldn't that be perfect?

I'm also very happy to see the team spirit there.  They obviously believe in Jadeveon and will take very opportunity to be the best teammates they can be and stand up for him when needed.