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2016 NFL Preseason Live: Thursday Night Football

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The Texans aren't up until Saturday, but there are six games to enjoy this evening.

The preseason is Joel Stave's time to shine.
The preseason is Joel Stave's time to shine.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After all 32 teams played their first round of preseason games, the first 12 teams face off for their second week of preseason action tonight. Donning their pads this evening are:

The "marquee" matchup of the night certainly seems to be the repeat of the NFC Wild Card game between the Vikings and Seahawks, although Eagles versus Steelers will likely be a good watch too. The Texans actually play 7 of the 12 teams on display tonight, so it may be a chance to get a look at how they're developing before the start of the real season.

If you're watching any of the games, feel free to discuss them below with your fellow Texan fans while we wait until Saturday for our turn to come around.

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