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BRB On The Radio: Houston Texans Training Camp Talk with SB Nation Radio

A BRBer joined Sean Salisbury and Glenn "Stretch" Smith during the opening day of SB Nation Radio.

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation now has its own radio network. For some reason, they let one Battle Red blogger talk about the Texans on the local station for SB Nation Radio, 1560 AM, and the national broadcast online. BRB sat down with Sean Salisbury and Glenn "Stretch" Smith.

The conversation started with the Astros, the 2016 MLB Trade Deadline, and  the Rangers adding Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Beltran. If you want to skip to the Texans conversation, jump to the 10:30 mark.

The Texans talk included: What is the Texans' biggest  question coming into the 2016 season? Should the Texans pay DeAndre Hopkins?What is a successful season for Brock Osweiler in 2016? How will the AFC South shake out?

To be honest, it was a small victory to not embarrass the site on national radio. Thank you Gow Media (a Houston company) for joining forces with SB Nation to created the new radio network. Thanks, Sean and Glenn for having BRB on.