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2016 NFL Preseason Live: Houston Texans v. New Orleans Saints (Third Quarter, Fourth Quarter)

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bfd kinda live blogs the 2nd quarter. What could possibligh go wrong. Possibly go wrong. That's the first thing that's ever gone wrong.

What?  You've got a new cat meme?
What? You've got a new cat meme?
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Second quarter time!

  • Brock Osweiler has looked a little worse in the second quarter, but wow, he was sweet in the first.
  • Nick Novak?  FFS, why?
  • The Kevin Johnson tackle after the Jadeveon Clowney sack made me LOL.  Just perfection.  He's a second year CB making a perfect tackle in the open field.
  • Jay Prosch, as the lead blocker, ran 15 yards downfield without hitting a single person.  Do we really need a FB on this roster?
  • On 1st and goal, Kendall Lamm was blocking as if it was a screen.  That was either weird or disturbing.
  • There is a LOT to love about the potential of this offense.  Yes, I realize we have a lot of back-ups in, but I think we're just as reliant on our offensive line play as we are on Osweiler.  And that is definitely an area of concern.
  • And then Osweiler throws a really poor pass for a pick in the end-zone.
  • Reviewing the interception, Osweiler threw a dead duck to Fuller.  Not a Peyton Manning kind of dead duck, but it was little better.  He also never looked at the coverage.
  • Clowney still in, which is surprising.
  • Clowney being held by not one but two guys on 2nd and 7.
  • Christian Covington is looking like something.
  • Some day, love will find you!  Break those chains that bind you!
  • Covington is looking quick out there.  He's playing against back-ups now, but still, it's something.
  • Covington collects a sack while being held.  He's looking pretty sweet out there.
  • Speaking of looking pretty sweet, Tyler Ervin returning punts is the exact opposite of sweet.  Yeesh.
  • Will Fuller...well, I might be wrong about him, which would be a good thing if you're a Texans fan.  He's doing everything right so far.
  • Jaelen Strong rounded the route where the pass was almost picked.  Not a good route.
  • Tom Savage might be 29 or 32 or 46 years old or whatever, but he's a legit NFL back-up QB.  In other words, he's no Case Keenum.
  • Nick Novak again...for some $%%#%$#%%#$ reason.
And we head into the third quarter!  Drop your comments here.

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