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Sunday Night Food Thread (SNiFT): August 21, 2016

Please attempt to distract me from the culinary wasteland that is Colorado by talking about food with your fellow Texans fans!

Hey! Come talk about food with us!
Hey! Come talk about food with us!
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the point in the preseason where I am trying to talk myself out of tweeting things like "THE TEXANS ARE GOING TO HAVE HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE IN THE SB, Y'ALL!!!" Jadeveon Clowney and Will Fuller both quelled some of my fears last night, and Brock Osweiler threw his first official TD for the Texans. It was all very exciting.

But I digress. This thread is about food, and food we shall discuss. To get this out of the way first, I am a pescatarian (that is, I am largely vegetarian and occasionally eat sushi because it's delicious). I only say this to give you context for my SNiFT food choices. But don't worry, the recipe for tonight involves bacon.

I should mention that where Texas excels in culinary options, Colorado falls horribly flat. The food in this state disappoints me to no end (people out here prefer burritos to tacos, to give you some measure of the absurdity). So, since moving to this bland wasteland, I've resorted to cooking more often, and attempting to recreate some of my most-missed ATX grub in order to survive. This is one of my favorites.

I chose this sandwich for my first SNiFT because 1) it involves avocados, and I love avocados, and 2) because I miss Southern food so so so much, and this recipe includes fried green tomatoes. Also, it's pretty easy to make this a carnivore meal, so it shouldn't upset anyone too much. It's essentially a Southern take on a BLT.

1. The base of this deliciousness is a roll (I prefer ciabatta, but go crazy and use whatever you like) cut in half and covered in smashed avocado, salt, and pepper.

2. The major ingredient - a stack of fried green tomatoes, made to your tastes. I like to season, then dredge in flour, then use an egg wash, then cover in ground cornmeal before throwing it in a frying pan.

3. On top of the FGTs, I layer thick-cut smoky bacon (tempeh in my case, I assume not tempeh in yours).

4. Add spring mix, sliced red onions. Mayo is optional.

5. COVER EVERYTHING IN HOT SAUCE. (I miss spicy food so much, y'all).

It's not the most glamorous or healthy meal, but it's so dang good. And far better than the nonsense they have dubbed 'cuisine' up here in the Rockies. So please, use this thread to talk about all of the amazing food that I'm missing out on, while I cry and daydream about Tex-Mex.

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