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Texans Fans, Before You Start Making Funeral Plans, Read This

Step away, take a breath, and relax.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday brought bad news, and worse news.  There’s no sugarcoating it. And with those bombshells, every corner of Texans Nation seems to have a very vocal contingent ready to turn off the lights and close the door on this season--even though we’re still weeks away from opening day.

So, before we all go batcrap crazy over the current injury report, let’s take a deep breath, step back and take inventory of what’s real.

Take a lights-out defense, coached by a defensive coordinator who is arguably one of the ten best in NFL history. Add in a solid young field general mentored by not one, but two highly respected quarterback gurus (mind you, he needs to play behind a questionable offensive line). Then toss in a dynamic corps of wide receivers that give opposing defensive backs fits. Don’t forget a solid special teams unit that may not win the game for you but shouldn’t lose it, either. Then put them in a division with opponents that have all proven quite beatable in recent memory. Mix it all together and you know what you get? The 2015 Denver Broncos. Oh, but add in a solid ground game led by one of the best young running backs in pro ball, and you get the 2016 Houston Texans.

Now, Houston doesn’t have Peyton Manning on the field.  When you look at his stats from last year, is that really a difference maker?

Another thing the Texans have going for them right now that resembles last year’s Super Bowl Champions is a fire to never quit. Watching the defense swarm the ball last week against the Saints – especially the players who weren’t part of last year’s late season magic – speaks to the winning culture Bill O’Brien has instilled down on Kirby. They played inspired football, and the will to win permeated the team. Sure, there were a lot of bumps in the road, but it’s preseason.

Before we get all doom and gloom, let’s take a cue from the team we all love and BELIEVE they can win it all. Let’s face it, it’s still preseason – if not now, when?

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