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Sunday Night Food Thread (SNiFT): 8/28/2016

With the Cardinals coming to Houston for a game against the Texans later today, we're talking Tex-Mex on BRB.

The hatch chili flavorings make it uniquely delicious
The hatch chili flavorings make it uniquely delicious

I love food. In fact, I hate that I love it so much. If I didn’t love food so much, I probably wouldn’t be perpetually unable to see my feet.  At least they’re not in danger of getting sunburned. I’ve come to grips with this fact and learned to just enjoy what I eat without guilt. While I’m no food snob (I’m an equal opportunity eater - except squash and zucchini - blech!), I am pretty particular about what I’m willing to pay someone else to cook for me.

My two favorites are probably Tex-Mex and Chinese when it comes to eating out. I love steak, brisket, burgers and all things Italian, but I can make those myself for less money and more satisfaction than just about any restaurant.

Of all the Tex-Mex locations in the land, my all-time favorite is Macayo’s, a privately owned chain from Phoenix, AZ. They offer up a mix of standard Tex-Mex offerings, enhanced in their Sonoran stylings with fresh grown hatch chilies brough in daily from Macayo’s private chili farm in southern Arizona. The fresh chilis add such a unique burst of flavor that really sets Macayo’s apart from the competition.

Since the Arizona Cardinals came to town today, you can imagine that while my brain was dreaming up all the ways the Houston Texans could beat ‘em, my stomach was crying out for creamy baja sauce, cheesy spinach queso, the very best spanish rice you’ll ever find and yummy Fajitas De Macayo.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Chuy’s (having lived in Austin for five years will do that to you), Morelia’s (their fajitas are actually better than Macayo’s), Gringo’s (my current fave here in H-Town) and others, but if I could only eat at one place for the rest of my life, it would be Macayo’s.

So, what about you? What’s your fave place to eat out? Why should we try it? Name it and sell me on it in the comments below. #GoTexans!

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