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2016 Houston Texans Training Camp: Brock Osweiler Praises Nick Martin, Says Chemistry With Wide Receivers Is “Slowly But Surely Coming”

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It's always sunny in Brockadelphia. See what the Texans' new QB had to say about how the team looked after training camp practice today.

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp
The sun is shining.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s one thing that we’ve seen from Brock Osweiler during his short time as a member of your Houston Texans, it’s that the guy is relentlessly positive. The next negative thing—really, the next thing that isn’t unabashedly optimistic—that he says about his teammates or the team’s progress will be the first. He’s clearly taking his role as a leader seriously, right down to his media sessions. Plus, I’ll readily admit I enjoy hearing him praise his teammates, especially rookies who are expected to have a big role like Nick Martin.

Not that I expect the guy to let loose with anything to the effect of, "Yeah, I was really disappointed in how Braxton Miller looked today." That would strike me as a violation of Bill O’Brien’s mandate to be a good teammate. But I can’t watch an Osweiler interview without getting the vibe that he’d find the positives in a bird relieving itself on his helmet.

"You know, that bird poop had some great energy. It was a phenomenal bowel movement by the bird. I really love that bird.  Expect big things out of that bird this year."

You can watch what the Texans’ starting quarterback had to say after today’s practice in this video.