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Should The Texans Pursue John Sullivan If The Vikings Cut Him?

Forget trading for the Vikings' veteran center. He may be on the open market soon enough. If that happens, should the Texans be in hot pursuit?

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The guy on the right took the guy on the left's job.
The guy on the right took the guy on the left's job.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, there were reports that the Minnesota Vikings were looking to trade veteran center John Sullivan, and we asked whether you thought the Texans should be expressing interest in such a deal. Today, reports are floating around that the Vikings have informed Sullivan they'll cut him at the deadline for the first round of roster culling this afternoon if they haven't found a trade destination for him by then.

Although Bill O'Brien hasn't given any indication he has a problem rolling into Week One with Greg Mancz as his starting center, does the idea of adding Sullivan without having to give up an asset (besides, you know, money) intrigue you? Our friends at The Daily Norseman seem to think Sullivan's skills haven't deteriorated to the point where he couldn't start for another team; rather, his impending departure is due to his sizable cap figure and Joe Berger simply making the most of his opportunity when Sullivan was hurt last year.

Thoughts, BRB?

UPDATE: It's official. John Sullivan is a free agent now.

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