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2016 SB Nation NFL Preview: Now With Quite A Bit Of Houston Texans Content!

Ready for a comprehensive preview of the 2016 NFL season? One with a fair amount of focus on your Houston Texans? Then have I got a deal for you!

Is that BFD?
Is that BFD?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On this, the day before the final game of the 2016 NFL Preseason, I present you with the 2016 SB Nation NFL Preview. It includes detailed looks at each NFL team, including five questions and answers with every SB Nation NFL team site (if memory serves, Brett answered ours on behalf of BRB).

But wait! There's more!

If you click now, you'll also receive, absolutely free of charge...

Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith talking about how outstanding the Texans' defense could be in 2016! You should watch the whole interview, but if you're jonesing for the Buffalo Bills' great's take on Houston's defense, you can find it around 1:32 in the video.

What's that? You want more? Boy, you drive a hard bargain. Fine. I want you to be happy with this totally free purchase, so I'll throw in...

Stephen White's analysis of why one Jadeveon Clowney will be Houston's breakout player of the year! And he's not the only one buying Clowney stock, as Ryan Van Bibber is predicting the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft will be named NFL Defensive Player of the Year! Can you believe that? In a world where J.J. Watt still haunts the dreams of offensive coordinators, Clowney being named DPOY?

Quick! Click now! Supplies are limited!

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